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Membership information

Here you can download our club's membership form to join. We'd be happy to have you as a member, and remember, you can always come to our next meeting as a guest to see what we're all about first!

Simply click Membership Application to open it, then print it from your web browser, fill it out, and mail it or bring it to our next meeting. It's that simple!

Club members, download our Mini Flyerto place on car windshields or to hand out to people while discussing our club!

Our club's bylaws are relatively simple. If you're interested in the "fine print" we have provided a link to our club's bylaws for you to read IMPC By-Laws

MCA members, remember that your MCA membership gets you plenty of discounts. Check out this list in the Marketplace Directory PDF document you can open/download MCA.

Some of the discounts you'll be able to benefit from:

-Parts discounts
-Labor discounts
-Ford X-plan new car purchase discounts
-And more!